My name is Kathrin, I’m thirty years old and I was born and raised in Germany. My ten years career in finance, finally brought me to Italy, where I found love and built a family that I’m very proud of.

I live in Cannobio, a delightful town on the shores of Lake Maggiore, surrounded by a gentle and romantic nature, the lake with his altering colors, spread with little islands, enclosed by the mountains and a small historic center with ancient lanes paved with typical stones from the region… An atmosphere that encourages me to reflection, perhaps put aside, during the turbulent years in a metropolis like Milan.

I decided it was time to enhance my life putting in place a project that I had in mind since I was a girl, and that I used to think quite often, hoping my dream would come true: work with precious metal and design jewellery.

I enrolled at the Ambrosiana Goldsmith School, with passion and hard work I acquired the knowledge to learn everything I needed, to realize my dream.

Finally was born Pepita Lab, my goldsmith lab.

The harmonious design of my workshop express my personality, and the gold nuggets with which I started my trip to the creation, convinced me by their natural form.

The nuggets are often found in the flow of the water or in the residue of the river, so observing the surface of the lake with the little island spread here and there, formed inside me an inspiration:

I imagined this giant hand, dropping from up, small stones, each in its form and size, but created from the disorder of nature, from its universal laws.

Pepita Lab was born, the name, a creative project.

Looking around, exploring and observing with love and respect the world around me and the people that lives on it, I’ll continue my journey to my creations of jewellery, completely handmade by me, guided by my curiosity, sensitivity and visionary imagination.

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